Stop Software Patents European Petition

This text was written before the European Parliament rejected the proposed software patent directive on 6 July 2005 and may be outdated. We will soon update it.

Kampaania juht

The campaign manager is responsible for the content of this website, and explains the problem of software patents to the press and to politicians.

Currently, the FFII is relaunching the campaign. Temporarily the managment responsibility is in the hand of the FFII's vice president Hartmut Pilch. More details about managing the site can be learnt from nsp-help at ffii org.

The team needs more regular helpers. To contact the team, please subscribe to the nsp-parl mailing list or send in inquiry to nsp-help at ffii org. See also the project description page.

This site was created by Florian Mueller in autumn 2004, with help of a group of web-designers and translators, all of whom were paid by the three sponsoring companies. quickly became the most popular introduction site to the subject of software patents. Florian withdrew from full-time campaigning at the end of March 2005 and handed over the site to the FFII.

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